Power,Spectacle and Memory

Power, spectacle and memory are three themes in media. Firstly, I want to definite them in my own view.


Power is in everywhere, it can be political or social authority, the ability or capacity and influence behavior even electricity power, and even though money could be a sort of power. In China, the media belongs to the government, which means the government has power to control the Chinese Televisions. Not any news and information could be gotten from TV, and some bad news will be covered up by the government. That’s power. However, power is the basic factor in media because it should be filled with the powerful control to attract and influence audiences.

Spectacle and memory are support power in media to make it to be powerful. The three things should be linked together. Memory is a personal idea because different people have different memories. That’s the reason why people like Internet very much because People want to get some memory back which they cannot remember, we can call it history. Internet can help us to get any history we want. Nowadays, people cannot live without Internet.


Then, I would like to take a very powerful advertising for example. It comes from YouTube. It is a very simple advertising and easy to remember. That’s the point of advertising — make an easy way to remember the product. The spectacle of this advertising is simple and focusing on the boy and his father but very deep depression for the viewers. And the idea of this advertising can be remind many people to remember their own childhoods. It is a good memory for them because every child has this kind of situation before. Therefore, the power, spectacle and memory are close and link to each other and made this advertising perfect. The three themes work together to be a best way to attract audiences in media.





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