The Five Obstructions


         This is a documentary film by two famous Danish filmmakers in 2003. They are Lars Von Trier and Jorgen Leth. At beginning of the film, it made me a little confusing and surprise, and I can’t figure it out what is the purpose of this film wants to tell us. In class, we just watched the first obstruction and it told about the perfect human and the spectacle is in Cuba. After that, I studied the film many times on YouTube. I found that the two directors made this film based on an old film which was The Perfect Human in 1967and it made by Lars Von Trier. In the new film, the first obstruction is no shot longer than 12 frames, and it must answer the questions posed in the original film, moreover, the film must remade in Cuba. However, Leth successfully completes this task. In my view, The Perfect Human is about four things: shaving every day, known how to take clothes, dance well and affect perfect women. In the first obstruction, I remembered two sentences are “how she will lie down?” and “this is how she lies down.” The five obstructions are five different challenges and it makes us understand that film is not only complicated but also simple.





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