Jan Švankmajer

Jan Švankmajer is a famous Czech animation director and also a surrealist artist. He is good at using stop-motion technique, and his ability to make surreal, nightmarish and yet somehow funny pictures. I saw some parts of his films on YouTube such as Dimensions of Dialogue and Food. And we saw Little Otik (Otesánek) in class which is a deep depression in my mind. It tells about a childless couple really wants to have a baby but they cannot. The husband digs up a tree stump that looks like a baby. He cleans it up and then presents it to his wife. She starts to treat it like a real baby and the baby grows up every day. In my opining, surrealist film is a kind of satires. It is a best way to tell and educate people what is the real. And his films like a children’s story and every frame has different purposes. The surrealist film is aim to contrast the real life, and through this way, people will have a different experience, however, this experience is just the people real thinking and really want to do in their deep hearts.


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