Artefact 1 (draft)

Group 2 – Spectacle


Spectacle is a special scene, and it is in any media products such as video, news article and photography and it is even a feeling of creation. In my opinion, nature itself is filled with strong spectacle, city and his culture as well. Their spectacle is powerful. In my media artifact, I would like to choose some photos about nature and city which have been taken by me. I believe this kind of photography can present the original spectacle in my artifact and I want to research this theme from the natural products although it is simple.


It is very honor for a Chinese student to present our own country to British students. Therefore, I selected some photos to complete my artifact into video clips. My photography is presented three places in China which are that you perhaps want to know in 2008 because two of them have happened something this year. The first destination is Tibet which was the most popular “key word” in the west media. The second is Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan province which was also hit by an 8 magnitude earthquake on May 12th. At last, I will show my hometown including the night view and very famous food here. All the photos are original pictures. Hope u would enjoy and understand my feeling of that nature is the original powerful spectacle.


Part Ⅰ Tibet


Part Ⅱ Jiuzhaigou 


Part Ⅲ Chongqing City



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