Artefact 1 (Final Version)

My understanding of SPECTACLE:

Spectacle is a special scene in any media products such as videos, news articles and photography, and it is a kind of communication of creation.

    In videos, it is presented by every moving frame. Viewers can get this feeling directly by their eyes.  

    In news or magazine articles, words are the only way to present it, just the reader needs through imagination of it with his or her mind.

    In photography, spectacle is a special theme because audiences cannot get it directly from the stop scene, they should add their minds and figure out what is this picture’s communication.


My artefact initial idea:

For me, I am going to choose photography to present my artefact in 3 reasons. Firstly, I am totally a freshman in the subject of media production and my major in China is broadcasting. So I don’t really know how to make a video but actually I am learning it now. Secondly, I am very interested in photography and how to create a powerful picture. Therefore, I use photos to make my first artefact. Finally, I took a lot of photos in the most beautiful and interesting places this summer in China. And I will select some of them to make them into video.


My artefact promotional idea:

From my feeling of spectacle I think “nature” is the best idea to present it because god created the world and human, just like the people created the films. So I will create some pictures in three places of China – Tibet, Jiuzhaigou and Chongqing City. I believe the nature sight can present the original spectacle.


My artefact working process:

Definition of my photos‘ source:

    Tibet was the most popular “key word” in the West media in 2008.

    Jiuzhaogou Valley in Sichuan Province where was hit by an 8 magnitude earthquake on May 12th.

    Chongqing City is a beautiful modern city which called small Hongkong included the night view and very famous food, also my hometown.

Research method:

All the pictures are original photos and I would like to make it into a video and add the sound of music.

Research process – some problems and difficulties:

At first, I want to make all the pictures together and insert the information in front of each place photos get started. But I have some troubles with using editing software that means I don’t know how to insert words and information into the middle of the video. However, I want to make sure everyone can understand and clear that where were them taken. Fortunately, I have used this simple software before – Windows Movie Maker, so I divided my video into 3 clips and each clip is going to show only one place.


After done that, I use Adobe Audition 3.0 to cut 3 Chinese musics and match each clip.

  First sound: Zhang Liangying – Impression of West Lake Rain

  Second sound: Yulan – Every Dog Has His Day

  Third sound: 3rd Coast – Bye Bye Love


Finished all of them, the last step is using my WordPress username to sign up a YouTube account and upload my clips:


Analysis my photography

It is a magic and mystical destination. They said that the sky, the land and the water here are all given by god. It is a pure and sacred place. And it will give a presentation of original spectacle; I took them in Potala Palace, Qinghai Lake and Lake Yamdrok.



Jiuzhaigou Valley

In my mind, it is the most beautiful place in China and many travelers are attracted by the water here. The water here called crystal water and a “paradise on Earth”. So I took a lot of water pictures and show to show the spectacle here. That is the point inspired me.



Chongqing City

The main point inspired me to take pictures here not just because this is my hometown but also this city has a great night view and famous food such as hotpot and Szechuan. It is the biggest municipality like Shanghai, I am very honor to show it to everyone.



P.S. Original Pictures


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  1. Angus – a good effort here to get to grips with the idea of “spectacle” and understand what it means to you. You have worked hard to put together 3 montages which celebrate your homeland . This is a good basis on which to build – you now need to look at other media practitioners work and compare and contrast theirs with your own. We need to get a sense of what you have learnt from looking at other art forms and how they inform your own work. I think the thumbnail photos at the end of your blog really work as a collection and illustrate the wonders of China in a rather dramatic way. I would look at this as a more appealing form of presentation.

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