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Artefact 3 – Power of Dream
November 27, 2008

The third artifact I also choose video to illustrate my idea of the theme – power. Last time Karen said I have a big improvement but I know I need more practices on editing and demonstrate, still, I create a video of story to show my third artifact. And this time I was trying to play the role by myself in my story, and tried to make use of special effects in my clips.


The story is about a man he was in his dream that he was late for his class and he got up very quickly and ran his way from his house through the street and subway to his university building, however, he could not open the door and there was no one answered it. Suddenly he woke up, however, in the real life he is a disability person who doesn’t have the left foot … … (It is reaaaally hard to pretend my left foot …^^) That’s the story I want to show the power of dream because someone cannot do something he really want to do in the real life but the dream can give him a platform to get the experiences, and in their dreams it must be eager for the things which cannot do it in their real lives, but dreams can make it happen. That’s the power of the dream.


I got this idea from the TV program from YouTube to show the person who lives strongly in the world without arms and legs. (I have already posted it on my blog – the last article below) that’s very very deep impressiveness for everyone who watch it. So I got one idea about my artifact. The second idea – dream came from my classmate Carrie’s first artifact that someone could dream the future. That means dream is a magic phenomenon in people’s daily life but still common. However, dream filled with powerful imagination, people can dream anything you want, therefore, that’s the point of my artifact’s idea – mix the two idea together because disability people can make their wishes easily come true in their owns’ dream. So I made the story come out.


Research on my artefact 3 – Power
November 20, 2008


Today I watch a TV clip on YouTube which talks about a man who hasn’t legs and arms. I was shocked and I cried for the power of human ability of living. I am sure everyone will have something want to say after watching it. That’s a vivid human power and I think as a media person we need to find something true in our lift surrounding us which those that give us an unimagined power. That’s the reason why I watched it I feel a strong powerful human life come to my mind. Hope everyone can watch it.

Reflecting on my Artefact 2
November 13, 2008

In my second artefact I found it was not a very difficult work to do but hard to do it very well.
I know in this artefact I made a big improvement on my first artefact and from a no self-confidence new media student to have more confidence of changing my produce skills. I learnt a lot from my first artefact, at least I know how to organize simple videos.

In the second artefact, I think I need to make my analyses ability stronger and stronger, and I should try some new idea, sometimes I have a good idea and theme but I cannot illustrate it in a comfortable way to show.  In this artefact, the story is old but I always worry about maybe people cannot understand what I try to express. But now I found it is unnecessary because people can understand a simple story from my video not script. However, if you want to try something new, scrip is going to be a best way to show. I will absorb the experience of this artefact  into the third one, scrip is just helping to record and act but the scene is the best way to play.
Further more, I need to improve my shoot skill of camera, and I also think I still have to change a lot in my development. And thanks Karen gave me lots of useful suggestion.


Reflecting on my Artefact 1
November 13, 2008

In my first artefact, I just put me into a fresh level of media production, and I think I was totally misunderstand what is a real video or a film that must should be a story or something you want to tell audiences. So this artefact I just used some photos I was taken before in china and that’s fantastic pictures but lacked of story because people who saw them just got the sight of it and there were no any relationship linking together. It was a unsuccessful show.

However, though this artefact I found that how to organize a video, firstly I need to think about the theme of my video idea or make a story. Take this artefact for example, I selected many pictures that are very amazing, but I need a story or some kind of theme in that picture which means pictures not just pictures, there must have something want to tell. That’s the biggest issue in my first artefact I need to improve and learn. But the first artefact is a very good experience for me in my research study. Therefore I have much space to improve and I am looking forward my second artefact.

Artefact 2 – Memory
November 7, 2008

Change Memory

Something I Need To Say

Last week I talked to Karen about my study situation and she gave me a lot of good suggestion on my media study, I think I could do and I know that I choice this subject means I have to face to my weakness and I shouldn’t fear it so I made the decision to take a short video for my second artifact. And this is my first time to do a real video recording and editing and I learned lots of basic editing technique skills through this time and I researched these softwares by myself, so there must be some disadvantages but I have confidents that I will improve my skills better and better.

Ideas From

For this memory theme video I watched some MVs and movie clips and I found and built my idea from a short Chinese video named Special Task J (part 1)

At the end part of this video clip it showed that they burned her photos and that means her memories were burned too, and they took all her old memories and made her a new life of killer. And last month in 310MC class we saw lots of surrealist films, and in my view surrealism is a big strong expression way to tell audiences a truth. Therefore, I thought out of my own idea about the cards and memories and made the surrealist video named change memory.

My Story

This is story about a boy who thinks himself is unhappy and there is no happy memories in his mind. And also there is a fortune teller in a small town and he owns 8 magic cards which can copy anyone’s memory. The boy has a neighbor and she is always laughing and he had never seen her sadness. So he finds the fortune teller and asks him to copy some of memories of her and change them to his memory. Then the teller makes his wish comes true but the boy find that the girl’s memory are not all nice when he opened these memory cards he chooses. At the end of this story the fortune teller tells us a truth of life and principle.


In my artifact I invited my friend Daniel to help me and play the role of fortune teller and Lisa hold a light to help my recording. And I used Sony HC28E Mini DV to shot and some frames with tripod but some of them by my hands. And I used Premiere Pro 2.0 to edit the whole video.