Reflecting on my Artefact 1

In my first artefact, I just put me into a fresh level of media production, and I think I was totally misunderstand what is a real video or a film that must should be a story or something you want to tell audiences. So this artefact I just used some photos I was taken before in china and that’s fantastic pictures but lacked of story because people who saw them just got the sight of it and there were no any relationship linking together. It was a unsuccessful show.

However, though this artefact I found that how to organize a video, firstly I need to think about the theme of my video idea or make a story. Take this artefact for example, I selected many pictures that are very amazing, but I need a story or some kind of theme in that picture which means pictures not just pictures, there must have something want to tell. That’s the biggest issue in my first artefact I need to improve and learn. But the first artefact is a very good experience for me in my research study. Therefore I have much space to improve and I am looking forward my second artefact.


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