Reflecting on my Artefact 2

In my second artefact I found it was not a very difficult work to do but hard to do it very well.
I know in this artefact I made a big improvement on my first artefact and from a no self-confidence new media student to have more confidence of changing my produce skills. I learnt a lot from my first artefact, at least I know how to organize simple videos.

In the second artefact, I think I need to make my analyses ability stronger and stronger, and I should try some new idea, sometimes I have a good idea and theme but I cannot illustrate it in a comfortable way to show.  In this artefact, the story is old but I always worry about maybe people cannot understand what I try to express. But now I found it is unnecessary because people can understand a simple story from my video not script. However, if you want to try something new, scrip is going to be a best way to show. I will absorb the experience of this artefact  into the third one, scrip is just helping to record and act but the scene is the best way to play.
Further more, I need to improve my shoot skill of camera, and I also think I still have to change a lot in my development. And thanks Karen gave me lots of useful suggestion.



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