Research on my artefact 3 – Power


Today I watch a TV clip on YouTube which talks about a man who hasn’t legs and arms. I was shocked and I cried for the power of human ability of living. I am sure everyone will have something want to say after watching it. That’s a vivid human power and I think as a media person we need to find something true in our lift surrounding us which those that give us an unimagined power. That’s the reason why I watched it I feel a strong powerful human life come to my mind. Hope everyone can watch it.


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  1. Angus – you have worked really hard to write, shoot and edit a short film in the timescale – well done. You have developed your technical skills this term and have gone from knowing very little to creating a short film. This is a brilliant achievement and you should feel proud of your efforts. Your film follows a narrative and the story translates well – it is easy to understand. You have begun to reflect on your work and evidence your research too which is also a good development. However you have a rather narrow focus and I think you could look at a wider range of media works for inspiration and research (certainly more than YouTube!) Look at film, tv, photography and think how they deal with dreams and/or power. What other kind of work impresses you and why, how do your ideas compare and what opinion influences you. Your work needs a broader context, you seem to be thinking in isolation at the moment.

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