Artefact 3 – Power of Dream

The third artifact I also choose video to illustrate my idea of the theme – power. Last time Karen said I have a big improvement but I know I need more practices on editing and demonstrate, still, I create a video of story to show my third artifact. And this time I was trying to play the role by myself in my story, and tried to make use of special effects in my clips.


The story is about a man he was in his dream that he was late for his class and he got up very quickly and ran his way from his house through the street and subway to his university building, however, he could not open the door and there was no one answered it. Suddenly he woke up, however, in the real life he is a disability person who doesn’t have the left foot … … (It is reaaaally hard to pretend my left foot …^^) That’s the story I want to show the power of dream because someone cannot do something he really want to do in the real life but the dream can give him a platform to get the experiences, and in their dreams it must be eager for the things which cannot do it in their real lives, but dreams can make it happen. That’s the power of the dream.


I got this idea from the TV program from YouTube to show the person who lives strongly in the world without arms and legs. (I have already posted it on my blog – the last article below) that’s very very deep impressiveness for everyone who watch it. So I got one idea about my artifact. The second idea – dream came from my classmate Carrie’s first artifact that someone could dream the future. That means dream is a magic phenomenon in people’s daily life but still common. However, dream filled with powerful imagination, people can dream anything you want, therefore, that’s the point of my artifact’s idea – mix the two idea together because disability people can make their wishes easily come true in their owns’ dream. So I made the story come out.


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