Final project reserches started in the holiday

I went back to my country in Christmas holiday and looking back 6 months ago, I was not very familiar with my homeland because I was not much concern the news happned in my country when I was in UK, however, that earth quake which happened in May 12 in Sichuan was the most impressive for me. In addition, my home is located in Sichuan Provence which bring me a lot ideas and motivations. Moreover, when I was home in X’Mas I read a book named We Have Choesn To Be Strong When Facing Disaster. This book is mainly talking about the young generation’s story and teaching the public in some touching stories.
Therefore, the book insproed me to think about my final project idea should be related to the background of earth quake in Sichuan, and there must be something people want to know and see.

First idea for the final project

Our final project will be totally finished in May 15, it is almost the same time with the earth quake just happened in last year on May 12. I gona see something changed or some people even then children here grown in the only one year.

Background: On January 2, the CCTV (china central television) report a news about a famous boy called cola boy because when he was saved out form the collapses and he said immediately that I want to drink a glass of cola with ice, and now he has a successful amputation and came out the hospital. However, his life is chaned by this disaster, there must be something we concerned.
My idea is that make an interview with the boy and his family and shot around his new life, from a sound boy to be a disability, and we could dig more detail and changes from himself.

Second idea fo the final
Last term, we have already reserched on theme of memory and I wrote the final essay of 300MC, it is talking about the disaster fime with Cloverfield, and at that time I showed a picture the girl didn’t want a Chinese student embraces and farewell with the Russian counselor before leaving. This is a very big memory for everybody. And in the UK, news report has not told audenices the detail of someone’s story and I recongnize the chinese people living in UK who does not know one year later what changed in people.

Mollon (2003) mentions about memory in the journal of The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice which is talking about Freud’s Theories of Repression and Memory, he says that “a person’s life were all recorded accurately somewhere in the mind, like a continual video-recording, ready to be accessed if only the memories could be released from repression.”

Therefore, people must be attracted.

My idea is make a serial program last about 20 mins and we collect 3 or 4 stories behind the earth quake and focus on the people.


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